Fri 10 May 2024

Other Location Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE

Doors 7:00 pm / $21 ADV / All Ages

Chat Pile

Like the towering mounds of toxic waste from which it gets its namesake, the music of Oklahoma City noise rock quartet Chat Pile is a suffocating, grotesque embodiment of the existential anguish that has defined the 21st Century. Between a dying planet, ever-increasing socio-economic disparity, and a general quality of life in a tailspin, one…

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Portrayal of Guilt

Portrayal of Guilt eschew predictability. While the Austin, Texan outfit have released material at a rapid clip since their formation only six years ago, it has been near-impossible to predict what each ensuing release might sound like. The only window into what to expect has been those releases’ titles, wallowing in themes of affliction, isolation,…

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“Like a nocturnal highway stretched out between Midwest cities, Nightosphere exists in an expansive, open realm marked by subtle changes in landscape and punctuated by sudden bursts of noisy, explosive urgency. This vitality is powered by Brittany and Claire, who exchange guitar/vocal and bass duties throughout live performance, and Hop, who looms powerfully over the…

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