What items are not allowed?

The following are not permitted: no illegal substances, no outside food or beverages, no clothing or accessories with spikes, no reusable water bottles, no umbrellas, no Sharpies/markers/paint pens, no items that can be considered or are weapons, no halloween masks that cover your eyes or identity, no professional cameras unless approved by Artists or their management, no drawstring/backpacks/Camelbaks, or large bags. All purses are subject to search prior to entry.

What is your bag policy?

NO BACKPACKS. You may bring small bags under 12 inches and they will be searched.

Where are you located?

We have moved downtown to the area of Kenny’s Alley in Underground Atlanta. Please see Directions & Parking under the Info tab for detailed directions.

Where should I park?

Currently, closest parking is located at 75 MLK Jr Dr SW in the Underground Atlanta parking deck. It is run by Lanier Parking. After parking, enter Kenny’s Alley & Underground Atlanta via the 3rd level overpass.

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes we are. For those needing wheelchair assistance, please speak with a member of Masquerade Staff. They will be happy to assist in any way they can.

What does this row and seat number mean on my ticket?

We're a general admission venue, standing room only. Those row and seat numbers are just a way Ticketmaster keeps track of tickets; they don't mean you have a seat.

What does this time on the website / my ticket mean?

The door time is listed on the website and the ticket. Music starts 30 minutes to 1 hour after doors, subject to change at Artist’s discretion.

Where is Will Call?

Will Call is located at the entrance to each room, not at the weekday box office. You must provide a valid photo ID.

My friend can’t go and wants to give me their tickets, but he bought them online. What do I do?

Ticketmaster is our official ticketing service provider. Have them call Ticketmaster’s customer service and have them change the name to the person who is attending.

I tried transferring tickets. Why doesn’t it work?

Ticketmaster has a cut off time for ticket transfers. They must be done the day before the show in order to avoid issues. Call Ticketmaster and their customer service will assist you.

How do I avoid Ticketmaster’s fees?

You can come to the Masquerade’s weekday box office (Mon-Fri, 10am-6:30pm). Advance prices end the day before the concert takes place. Purchasing tickets day of show (subject to availability) will be subject to the Day of Show ticket price.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, VISA, or MasterCard. At the moment we currently do NOT accept AMEX or Discover.

Someone in the band said they put me on the guest list; can you check?

We cannot check ahead of time as sometimes guest lists won’t be received until the very last moment. When you arrive at the door, please show your photo ID to our staff.

What does All Ages mean?

This means there is no limit on how young or old you can be to attend. Any number you can think of. An event will be noted on our listings if there is an age restriction.

Are you guys a dance club?

The majority of our events are live music performances, however we do host similar dance night events. Please check our show calendar.

Is there VIP ticketing for the event?

If there is not an option offered via Ticketmaster, please check the Artist’s website to see if there is a VIP option available through a fan club.

Do you serve food?

We do! Check out our new food window at Altar the next time you come to a show. The menu is available at masqueradeatlanta.com/food. The schedule varies, so check our pinned post on socials for the most up-to-date schedule.

Can I order food if my show is in a different room?

Yes! Ordering takes place at a walk up window in the courtyard next to Altar.

When is the food window open?

The schedule varies. Check our pinned post on socials for the most up-to-date schedule.

How do you get a photo pass?

Photo passes must be requested through the Artist and their management, not through us.

What if I don’t want a photo pass, I just want to bring my camera for memories?

Only phone cameras with NO FLASH are permitted for patrons to bring, unless otherwise arranged with the Artist’s publicist and manager.

Do you have a coat check?

No we do not offer a coat check. You must be responsible for your own items as staff will not watch your items for you.

Do you allow smoking?

Smoking is not permitted inside the venue. You may smoke in the courtyard.

Can I vape inside?

No, just like smoking, vaping is only allowed outside the venue.

Are your venues indoors?

Yes they are.

Is there an opener for my event?

Announced openers are posted on the event listing on our page.

How do I rent a room?

We are not currently accepting any rentals

Can I buy a band’s merch without a ticket to the show?

In order to enter our venue to purchase their merchandise, you will need a ticket to the show.

How do I apply for employment?

Check out the employment section of our website and apply through the online form.

It says a show is sold out. Is it really?

It is sold out and there are currently no tickets available for the event, however you can subscribe on the Ticketmaster listing to have an alert sent to you if more tickets become available.

For a sold out show, if someone doesn’t show up can I have their place?

There is no way to truly know if someone will or will not come to an event so no we cannot and will not resell their tickets.

What’s a third party site?

They’re typically resale sites. Examples are: StubHub, Vivid Seats, and any other site that is not Ticketmaster. We are not responsible for the validity of any tickets purchased via third party vendors.

I lost something, how do I get it back?

Please email info@masqueradeatlanta.com with a description of the item as well as which show you were attending when it was lost. If anything has been turned in, you will be contacted with details on how to get it back.

Do you have hotel recommendations?

There are some hotels in walking distance; however, we recommend searching our address in Google Maps and then searching for hotels nearby. This way you’ll be able to decide for yourself what kind of accommodations will best suit your needs.

What do I do if my show is cancelled?

If your ticket was bought from Ticketmaster, it will be automatically refunded. If you bought it in person at the weekday box office, stop by. If you bought it from a third party site, you’ll need to go through them.

My ticket has seat numbers on it. Are there seats?

No, our venue is general admission standing room only (unless specified on our website.) The seat numbers on your ticket are just how the system keeps track of how many are sold.

Who is that dog I keep seeing at the venue?

That's @punkrockmilo and he's a good boy.

Are you ready to rock?

We are indeed ready to rock \m/