Sat 15 Jun 2024

Heaven at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $25 ADV / All Ages


Archspire’s 2017 Relentless Mutation was a cavalcade of speed and extremity — blasting, accelerating and, in partial reference to its title, “mutating” as each song unfolded, all the while rapid-fire, shotgun vocals blurred the lines between a man’s throat and additional instrument. It was, unquestionably, an innovation of sound and technique — Archspire had broken…

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Since their unholy inception in 1995, death metal miscreants ABORTED have been one of the pioneers of the genre and have annihilated friend and foe with relentless intensity and an uncompromising mix of flawless technicality and raw emotion.  Having carved a niche for themselves in the extreme metal realm, the multi-national combo around Sven de…

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If time is a flat circle, then two things are true: 1) Deathcore coming back to prominence was inevitable. 2) Andrew Baena, Johnny Ciardullo, Cooper Lagace and Travis Regnier were destined to form another band.   Vancouver’s Carcosa formed from the ashes of djenty metalcore band Galactic Pegasus, deciding to kill that band off as…

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More than anything, our pain connects us. Hardship binds us as humans in one shared experience, bringing us closer together. Alluvial examine this phenomenon on their second full-length album, Sarcoma [Nuclear Blast]. The critically acclaimed Atlanta-based quartet—Kevin Muller [vocals], Wes Hauch [guitar, vocals], Tim Walker [bass], and Matt Paulazzo [drums]—plunge into a whirlwind of neck-snapping…

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