Sun 05 May 2024

Heaven at The Masquerade

Doors 6:00 pm / $20 ADV / All Ages

Alpha Wolf

To become the head of the pack, it takes heart, guts, and determination. Over the last 24 months, Melbourne metalcore juggernauts Alpha Wolf have proven they have all three in abundance. 2020 saw the release of their Sophomore album ‘a quiet place to die’, which was the culmination of every lesson learnt, every hit taken,…

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Rock publications are quick to name (and rename) subgenres, declaring one dead and another triumphant, in a constant game of musical chairs with “the king is dead, long live the king” drama. One magazine proclaimed that melodic death metal “killed nü-metal dead.” A year or two before, the same mag championed a subgenre called “noisecore,”…

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