Sat 01 Jun 2019

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 5:00 pm /

Unfortunately we weren’t able to deliver new music in time ahead of this tour and feel we owe our fans new music with these shows. Because of this we will be putting off touring on this album cycle back until July when we can deliver the kind of show our fans are waiting for with the new music they are expecting.

Through Fire

Through Fire is an American hard rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, founded in 2015 by songwriter, guitarist and producer Justin McCain. They signed a deal with Sumerian Records and released their debut record in 2016.

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Devour the Day

Devour The Day offer a rather intriguing and completely appropriate metaphor for their second full-length album, S.O.A.R. [Razor & Tie]. “It’s like the difference between a superhero’s first and second movie,” smiles Joey Chicago [Bass, Vocals, Songwriter]. “In the first movie, the hero is still getting used to his powers—fumbling around and slowly understanding his…

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