Sun 09 Jan 2022

Hell at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $15 ADV / All Ages

Machine Girl

Equally apocalyptic and ecstatic, the music produced by Brooklyn’s Machine Girl (Matt Stephenson) is an explosive, cathartic blend of footwork, jungle, digital hardcore, and rave. The project debuted in 2013 with self-released EPs 13th Hour and Electronic Gimp Music, followed by several releases on London-based, including the 2014 full-length WLFGRL. The album’s remix EPs featured…

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JOHNNASCUS is a demigod that creates chaotic and contradictory music that can occasionally make you feel insane. There’s no genre to describe it because genres are fucking stupid. The sounds can speak to the souls of human beings or it can just sound like inaudible noise to others

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NO EYES is an anomaly of it’s creator, Seanny Georgie, who began their journey in music playing instruments in several punk noise bands, Georgie currently fucks with the energetic sounds of jungle, drum & bass footwork music and much more. For Georgie, the danceable rhythms of those genres felt familiar to those they grew up…

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