Sat 25 Feb 2023

Heaven at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $25 ADV / All Ages

Bill Callahan

“And we’re coming out of dreams / And we’re coming back to dreams” is the first thing you hear Bill say as you remake your acquaintance on YTI⅃AƎЯ. Right out the gate, he’s standing in two places at once: meeting up with old friends behind the scenes and encountering them on the record, finding himself…

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Pascal Kerong’A

“What else do you want? / What else do you need?/ What else do you want?/ Thought I gave you my all.” These words from the chorus of “My Goodbyes,” Pascal’s first single, pierce your heart as you feel his cry of pain and desperation through a passionate voice on a song that is so…

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