It has been just over a year and 2 months. March 14, 2020, was the day the music died, and The Masquerade, and so many other of our world’s beloved venues, closed temporarily.

The love and support from so many of our fans and family have helped keep us alive through Gofundme contributions for the staff, and merch purchases for the venue. We will never be able to thank you enough.

BUT… we are back!

Beginning on weekends in June, we will begin presenting local band shows and DJ dance parties in our Heaven space with limited capacities. You can expect favorites like Ascension and Torch to be back on the bill. The touring industry is just beginning to revive and that will take a bit. Expect more in July and even more in August and beyond!

While you have been gone, we have done a few things for your, and our staff’s, safety.
These are good things that will help at any time.

1) We have installed automatic hand sanitizer dispensers at all entrances and exits, and in all bar areas. Clean your hands!
2) We have installed UVC air scrubbers/sanitizers in all of our air conditioning units. These neutralize airborne bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. as they pass through. This came through a CARES Act grant and is a great thing!
3) We will have an enhanced cleaning staff every night, wiping and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces.

Here are the rules:

1) Masks are required for entry and should be worn at all times except when drinking a beverage. (We have a great outdoor courtyard to catch a breath between sets)
2) You will be asked upon entry to acknowledge that you are Covid-19 symptom-free and have not been exposed recently to someone you know is infected.

We recognize that times are tough, opinions vary, and that people have different ideas. We appreciate you all. However, these are our rules as we return to live music. We hope you respect them and are as anxious to get back to it as we are.

Lastly, our daytime Box Office is still not open at this time. We hope to bring back staff soon. Keep an eye out for when we announce that re-opening separately.

With mad excitement,
The Masquerade