Tier Blue


Tier Blue is an alternative rock band formed in 2016 out of Macon Georgia. 

Initially formed as Hindsight in February 2016 by 4 high school friends, the band officially established as a five-piece in 2023 with the founding line-up of Caleb, Brent, Jake, Hunter, and Ethan. After a year of playing local shows around Georgia, he band released their debut album Out of Touch in 2017. The band has since released a variety of singles, and upon rebranding as Tier Blue, a second studio album Relearning Old Tricks in 2023. 

Tier Blue is: 

  • Caleb Melvin – Vocals, Guitar 
  • Jacob Viator – Guitar 
  • Brent Mckinney – Bass 
  • Hunter Pettis – Drums 
  • Ethan Hamlin – Keys, Vocals

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