In 2012, Secrets formed in San Diego, California. Over the past 6 years Secrets has released 4 full length albums and toured extensively both domestic and internationally, performing on stages of every shape to crowds of every size. Their amazing music has always been backed by their powerful, high energy live shows.

Throughout their career, Secrets has endured many hardships. Line -up changes, label changes and personal loss have played in a large part in making Secrets what it is today. But, every hardship has only helped to refine the band. Every obstacle has been an opportunity to grow, and every change has only bettered the band. This refinement and growth is evident in the bands most recent album. Secrets self-titled album released on February 23rd 2018 on Made In The Shade Records.

The latest album takes the band to a new level. Secrets pushed their boundaries while writing and recording, which lead to a more mature and powerful record that stays true to bands uniquely melodic and energetic style.

With the new album out Secrets will be touring around the world with the strongest line up in the bands history. Expect the best shows and the best music the band has ever put out as they plan to play as many shows as possible and share their music with as many people as they can.  They plan to reach every fan with shows scheduled in the USA, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Europe, the UK, Japan, and South East Asia.

Secrets is Wade Walters (Vocals), Richard Rogers (Guitar and Vocals) and Connor Brannigan (Guitars).

2018 will be the year of Secrets.

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