North Star Boys


North Star Boys (NSB) is a leading Asian-American creator group and pop band, founded in August 2021 by brothers Oliver Moy, and Sebastian Moy. Lacking Asian-American representation in the media growing up, NSB yearns to fill that void and inspire the younger generation of minorities and dreamers. Amassing over 55 million followers combined on social media platforms, NSB has cultivated a loyal audience. Their Fall 2022 tour is proof positive as they brought together thousands of fans, coined “Stars”, in North America and Asia.

NSB is kicking off a U.S. headline tour in March 2023 and will be debuting new music from their upcoming EP “PANIC”, featuring “Cold War”, co-produced by multi-platinum songwriters and musicians, Tim Pagnotta and Brian Phillips. The band has been hard at work honing their songwriting skills and fine-tuning their on-stage performances. The group is currently in collaboration with an array of producers and songwriters and plans to drop multiple EPs in 2023.

Along with thriving in social media and music, NSB has accumulated over 20 million monthly views on their syndicated Snapchat shows and plans to release 4 additional shows on the platform this year. Through their strong ties with the community and emphasis on culture, NSB will continue to expand their reach across various verticals by advancing their ongoing relationships with major fashion and lifestyle brands such as Calvin Klein, American Eagle, and BoohooMAN.

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