Nai Br XX


Nai Br.XX is a pivotal figure in the future sound of the music industry; a transcending force, known for her raw performances inspired by legends like Tina Turner and whimsical vocals inspired by Mariah Carey, Nai Br.XX is easily music’s next big thing. Nai’s musical journey began when she was a small child.

Growing up in a household deeply rooted in Jamaican culture, her earliest music experiences began with performances at family events where she would capture the audience’s attention singing classics by artists Gregory Isaacs, Sanchez and Beres Hammond. By the time Nai reached college, she was determined to break though the music industry and began experimenting with new sounds under the production of Atlanta based-producer, Sensei Bueno.

The duo’s first single, “Bed Weather,” received phenomenal reviews after it’s release in the spring of 2015, quickly taking off in Atlanta, while simultaneously gaining internet popularity. Riding the wave of success, the two followed up with a full EP release titled “Wasted Callaway,” which also received rave reviews from critics, radio play and expanded their fan reach with over 150,000 plays on SoundCloud. Her neo-soul sound gives beauty and life to intricate and full-bodied rhythms, while the undefined production style creates a modern and refreshing dynamic. Currently, Nai and Sensei Bueno are in the studio crafting their second EP, while taking the stage with the newly formed band, Wasted Callaway.

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