Maylene and the Sons of Disaster


Q: What’s black and blue and still screaming?  

A: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster 

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are a southern metal band that originated in  Birmingham, Alabama. The band was established in 2004 after Dallas Taylor departed his  previous band Underoath after irreconcilable differences. For 12-years Maylene and the  Sons of Disaster released 4 studio albums on 3 record labels and toured the globe  extensibly with all the darlings of the rock and metal world. The band has had successful  song placement in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, Californication, and Blood Type. The  band is credited with recording the entrance theme for WWE Tag-Team champions Chris  Jerico & The Big Show. The bands music has also made multiple video game  appearances in such titles as Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground and EA Sports MMA.  

In 2016, frontman Dallas Taylor was involved in a near fatal ATV accident that broke every  bone in his face resulting in multiple injuries and brain damage. This resulted in the  bands disbandment while Taylor relocated to Florida to receive full time care for his  injuries. 

It took 8-years and all the specialists and doctors modern medical science has to offer, but  Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are back. Long in the tooth but not ready for the  pasture, MATSOD has returned to reclaim their title of “loud things you can’t kill”. Backed  by Brad Lehmann (bass) Jasin Todd (guitar) Steve Savas (guitar) and Jon Longley (drums)  the Sons of Disaster are charging forward with their unique form of swampy southern  metal riffs and classic rock grooves. New music and tour dates are locked and loaded for  2024.  

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