LIMBS is a post-hardcore outfit hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida. Originally formed in 2013 under a different moniker, LIMBS released their debut album entitled ‘Dead Ends’ before undergoing a fairly drastic lineup change. After taking eight months for reformation, LIMBS regrouped and released their sophomore release ‘Admission,’ in late 2014, to copious amounts of positive feedback.

In 2015, LIMBS toured the DIY circuits relentlessly, and released two independent singles. On March 3, 2015, LIMBS released the first single entitled ‘Poison,’ again receiving immense positive feedback. On May 5, 2015, LIMBS released the second single entitled ‘Ruin.’

In 2016, LIMBS ventured on a southeastern tour with Saosin and also performed at South By So What?! Music Festival (Fall Edition) in Deep Ellum within Dallas, Texas. The band also recorded a new EP, mixed by Beau Burchell and mastered by Mike Kalajian (set for a 2017 release).

With 2017’s performance development well underway, the band plans to tour and record for the remainder of the year. LIMBS continues to execute live presentation with as much (or more) raw energy and emotion than what is illustrated in their music.

Catch LIMBS at one of their upcoming shows, and make sure to stay connected with the band through social media outlets!

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