Johnny Goth


From the Dark Depths of Los Angeles, Johnny Goth is a solo musician whose journey began the minute he hit record. Although the name may deceive you Johnny has never married himself to any genre. He rose to the scene in his early days of faceless dream-pop. However, as he began to develop his own unique sound, he felt the need to conceal himself behind the makeup. This decision marked a turning point in his career, as his music began to take on a darker, heavier sound. Despite the darkness that permeates his music, Johnny remains committed to using his art to inspire the world. He believes that music has the power to unite people and to help bring about change. His lyrics and sound speak to the struggles that we all face in our lives, and his music is a reflection of the personal demons that he has battled throughout his own journey. For Johnny, music is not just a form of expression, but also a way of fighting back against the world. He is passionate about using his art to help bring about positive change, and he hopes that his music can serve as a beacon of hope for those who are struggling. Despite the challenges he faces as a fully independent artist, Johnny remains undaunted and committed to breaking through the industry. With his unique blend of dreamy, distorted sound, Johnny Goth is an artist who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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