“Honeyknife is an all new, up and coming Alternative Rock band out of Atlanta, GA. The 4 piece was formed in late 2023 after lead singer & songwriter Luke Latimer spent the spring of that same year recording what will be their self titled, debut record out August 23rd, 2024. Latimer brought the songs he’d been crafting and compiling over the years into Big Trouble Recording (Located in Little 5 Points, ATL) & with the help of Daniel Gleason (Producer, Grouplove) and TJ Elias (Engineer, Mixer) the project was completed over the course of 2 months. Due to Latimer playing all the parts except for drums in the studio, (courtesy of session drummer Benjamin Homola, Grouplove) the band had to be built subsequently. He recruited Gabe Sweeny (Guitar), Joe Dempsey (Bass), and Ira White (Drums) to fill their respected roles and make the project an actual band. 

The 4 members all share influences and love for the 90’s Seattle Sound (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains) as well as the early 2000’s rock they all grew up on (Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones). Latimer is a true songwriter at heart, but don’t let the heart on his sleeve fool you. Expect loud but captivating live performances that are steered by the untamed energy captured on stage between the band.” 

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