Good Kid


In an increasingly cynical world, Toronto based band Good Kid are fighting against the darkness with energetic songs full of wistful exuberance. Where some bands might be more concerned with acting the part, Good Kid are focussed on being themselves, blasting forward with a rambunctious ear – to – ear grin. Their sound hits a familiar note, combining J-rock, Indie Rock and Pop-Punk influences, while leaning on anime-style illustration, character-based story telling, and video game culture. They are a representation of a generation that has grown up in an increasingly bleak world, where the only way out of the existential dread is some good, clean fun.  Since 2015, Good Kid have been pumping out music and videos with equal parts high octane riffs, catchy melodies, whip-smart lyrics, and innovative creativity – all served with a dash of wholesome innocent energy. Good Kid are the type of band you want to bring home to your parents. 


On GK 2 – released during the height of the pandemic – Good Kid found a way to tap into all their auxiliary interests and professions – programming, game design and AI development – to create a truly immersive and inclusive experience for fans worldwide. Faced with the same limitations and restrictions felt by most bands during this time, Good Kid leaned in to another mode of communication with their fans, facilitating and fostering a rapidly growing online community via Twitch and Discord, which led to organic and lasting relationships with many of the world’s most popular gamers, streamers, and youtube creators. These relationships led Good Kid to branch out into the tech space in many creative ways; personally developing a video game (for which they composed a chip-tune soundtrack), creating an innovative augmented reality music video incorporating video game mapping technology, and even managing to squeeze in an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) hosted on their Discord server which saw fans solving clues and puzzles spurred by AI bots! Good Kid has proven how creatives can make the most out of dire situations. 

Good Kid have an intense work ethic that has seen them making strides independently, separate from the major label machine, yet still garnering millions of streams, and a dedicated global street team.  Their innovative and authentic approach to their Twitch and Discord servers garnered feature interviews in KEXP and Paste Magazine – and their individual professions in the tech space have been featured in New York Times.  Their music has appeared in Fortnight radio, featured in collaborations with FAZE CLAN, and have been endorsed by some of the world’s top gamers and youtubers, like Mr. Beast, TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA as well as e-sports brands TSM, Liquid, and Cloud9.  Their recent US tours had saw lineups around the block, selling out shows in many places they had never played before. If there was ever a question on how to propel internet fandom into real tangible growth and fans, Good Kid has the answer. 


With over 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, sold out shows across America, groundbreaking music videos that employ technology in increasingly creative ways, a self made video game and soundtrack, and music placements in multiple video games and tech spaces, Good Kid is on the ascent, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world takes notice.

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