Glixen is eluding all expectations of the current alternative rock space. The group is from Phoenix, Arizona and has taken their sound coast to coast on tour in North America. As influences, lead vocalist/guitarist Aislinn Ritchie cites My Bloody Valentine, No Doubt, and T.A.T.U. In the same breath, also citing heavier acts such as HUM and My Vitriol. Ritchie founded Glixen in 2020 and later gained the talents of lead guitarist Esteban Santana, drummer Keire Johnson, and bassist Sonia Garcia.

Now in 2023, Glixen is set to release their debut EP She Only Said via Julias War Records August 11th. The lead single Splendor sets the tone of the EP by masterfully capturing the swirling ambiance of 90s rock, ethereal pop vocals, and fuzzed out walls of guitar all wrapped up in a lacey white ribbon. She Only Said is a cathartic anthem that feels like glitter and thorns down the listeners spine

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