Forrest Isn't Dead


Known for his introspective lyrics and honest music, Forrest Isn’t Dead (born Justin Forrest Kleindienst) reveals his basic emotions and what it all means to him. Growing up with a single mother, limited resources, and a part-time father who suffered drug addiction played a major role in his feelings about life and love. Always a creative, Forrest found early inspiration in music, learning to play instruments (drums, guitar, piano) and skateboarding. While bands like The Cure, The Smith’s, and Modest Mouse were a big influence on his creative direction; battling and overcoming his own substance abuse issues were a benchmark towards becoming the person he is today.
Taking the brand name Forrest Isn’t Dead to represent him feeling alive in these moments and to bare the name his mother chose for him, Forrest is currently focused on his What It Means To Me EP which released May 2018. Influenced by various artists, genres and his own life, Forrest’s project is produced primarily by himself and could be considered Art Pop/Indie Rap.

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