Force of Habit


Force of Habit is the kind of band that defies easy explanation. Put as simply as it gets, this unit is more akin to a four-man hybrid of anarchic metal, elaborate costumes, raw energy and assorted oddities, producing a (quite frankly) huge, chaotic, and aggressive sound that will make your hair stand on end…and most likely burn it all off with the intensity.Formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997, the line-up of Cameron D. Hunter (vocals), “Camo” ( guitar/backing vocals), Wayne Johnson (bass guitars, and backing vocals) and Dave Bowerstock (drums), ) know better than most that metal is as much about the expert fusion of multiple styles and influences, as it is brute sonic force, and live, this band is anything but habitual. For these guys, it’s all about keeping it interesting. Force of Habit take a dash of funk, a chunk of metal, a healthy dose of rock and roll, and craft it all together into something hotter and sweatier than summertime in the Deep-South. Factor in their flair for all things darkly theatrical and macabre and you’ll realize why this is more of an experience than a band. In 2004, they released their debut album “Madness by Design” and began performing and touring in earnest in its support. Their journey has led Force of Habit to share the stage with such metal heavyweights as: Trivium, Death Angel, Mod, Ill Nino, Left In Ashes, and Testament, not to mention Ice T with Body Count. The band’s original material has also been featured on episodes of MTV’s “Made”, along with several nationally released surf, skate and skim videos. A dark band with a bright future – you don’t hear that every day – Their latest single “I Am War” was released digitally at the beginning of April 2011, and the band are already in studio to record their next EP. With a slew of live performances throughout the summer and fall due to be announced shortly, stay tuned, Force of Habit are your next, best addiction. And one you won’t wanna quit.

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