Cherie Amour


Cherie Amour, Baltimore, Maryland’s nu-punk pioneers, are utilizing an exciting opportunity for a fresh start. Previously known as One Life to Lead, Trey Miller (vocals), Casey Reid (guitar), Brendan Willis (guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (drums), felt that their group’s evolving style and sound deserved a name that matched their overall style. This evolved sound, one that steps away from classic pop punk and the idea of being a “Warped Tour Band”, helps clarify the band’s intended direction of carving their own path in the scene.

The band’s long-term bond is easily detectable through the intricacy of their music. After ten years of friendship, Trey and Ronnie decided to officially form the band in 2015. A couple of lineup changes later, Brendan joined in early 2019 after meeting Ronnie through local shows, and Casey rounded out the group by joining in late 2019.

Taking influence from a plethora of artists such as Linkin Park, Bring Me the Horizon, Don Broco and Dance Gavin Dance, the band expertly concocts new genre-blending recipes per track. The band tossed aside their worries of being pigeon-holed into one particular genre and embraced the self-proclaimed title of nu-punk. The group creates a blend of hip hop, R&B, nu-metal, and punk which  is truly unique to the ear and will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Timing was on their side given the fact that they solidified their lineup right before the pandemic and ensuing chaos hit. This then made the surprise of producer Alan Day reaching out to the band even sweeter and was “the moment we’ve been waiting for,” according to Trey. After creating many demos during the pandemic, the band headed to the studio with an eagerness to work with Alan.

Their first single under the new name, “Burn”, is the first track Alan dove into. He really helped the group figure out their sound and what elements they wanted to accentuate. According to the guys, this single “ties together everything we’ve done, whether it be R&B, hip hop or hardcore.” The band is excited to share this song first because even though Alan worked his magic on this track in the studio, it really didn’t change much from the original demo aside from the addition of the piano. It perfectly encapsulates what Cherie Amour is all about – “the first few verses are bouncy and danceable, but then you get to the heavy part and you don’t expect it,” describes Ronnie.

Trey’s deep and honest poetry paired with the band’s dynamic sound makes this an exciting new single that is sure to take people by surprise. Keep an eye on Cherie Amour – an extremely versatile band who is paving the way in nu-punk.

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