Castrator was born from the depths of the old school death metal scene.Their music  creates a brutal experience that will leave the listener craving more.  The band came to life in 2013 with a small run of a 2 song demo. After, the excitement  those two songs created, Castrator later released another demo titled “No Victim” which  was released in 2015. This caused a buzz in the metal scene and attention to the band  where they were asked to bring their brutality to live shows and festivals. 

Castrator has continued the buzz in the metal scene ever since and now more than ever With a highly anticipated album “Defiled in Oblivion” released by Dark Descent records,  they are ready to bring their music to masses with more live shows and tours. Castrator draws from the 30 plus collective years of experience of its members and is now  poised to dominate and emasculate the world!! 

“Castrator serves as a big, giant middle finger to the establishment, raising Hell to the status quo with gargantuan  riffs and gloriously brutal vocals.” Nicholas Senior 

“This is a mother fucking death record that is so slamming and brutal. You may need a neck brace by the end of it.”  Infrared Magazine 

“…Castrator is kicking in the door to the metal boys club and pelting its members with rancid meat. It’s the 21st  century, fellas. It’s time to accept that woman can kick just as much metal ass as men. Castrator is undeniable proof  of that.” Shayne Mathis 

“Their chemistry is undeniable and their concept is brilliant; I can’t wait to hear what they release next.” Natalie  Walschots 

Castrator is: 

Carolina Perez -Drums  

Robin Mazen – Bass  

Clarissa Badini – Vocals 

Kim Orellana – Guitar  

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