In January of 2023 she single handedly sparked a movement on tiktok and reels with her body positivity anthem “Diet Culture,” amassing millions of streams on Spotify alone.

Her debut album “RECOVER” is leaning into the hype. With soft rhythmic production, and melodies begging worm their way into your ears, these songs are here to wrap you up in a warm hug and tell you, “it’s going to get better.” Filled to the brim with frank realizations about the culture we live in, and the insecurities that follow us. Bookended with hopeful declarations of resistance. The album’s title “RECOVER” feels more like a call to action, than just a name.

Still Riding the viral wave of tiktok sensation LEMONS, it’s obvious, misogyny is not the only oppressive system Brye has the desire to oppose in her songwriting. She dives headfirst into exploring unrequited queer love and religious shame in “JENNA,” and fearlessly discusses the in’s and out’s of eating disorder recovery in tracks like RECOVER, NOTHING!, and Direct Message.

Brye is a plus sized, queer, self produced, singer songwriter, and she is making waves.

Amassing over eighty million streams on Spotify alone, in just three years.

Collaborating with the likes of Cavetown, Addison Grace, Dacelynn and Frances Forever.

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