Fri 16 Aug 2024

Altar at The Masquerade

Doors 7:00 pm / $15 ADV / All Ages

Peel Dream Magazine

Peel Dream Magazine is the nom-de-plume of LA songwriter Joseph Stevens. Drawing on kosmische, shoegaze, baroque pop, and retro electronica, the band emerged from New York with its 2018 debut Modern Meta Physic, which Aquarium Drunkard hailed as “one of the more true inheritors of the mantle of Stereolab to emerge in some time”. Eighteen…

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Buice is an alternative rock band from Atlanta. Inspired by noise rock, no wave, post punk, and post hardcore bands, Hayden Locke brings the energy and heart with his honest and abrasive vocals and thumping bass play, Liam Burns brings a chaotic energy to the drums that is unlike many out there, Ian Valdés supplies brilliant…

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