Zoe Bayani


Zoe Bayani is a singer songwriter from Atlanta who has been putting out music independently since December of 2021. She had a big year of local shows in 2022 and is looking forward to keeping her momentum up and growing this year. Just like her style and taste in clothes, her music harbors nostalgia and a vintage feel. She combines aspects of American, Folk, Progressive Rock, and Modern Indie to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

She has a steady flow of releases on all streaming platforms, and just recently started recording with her band of close friends who she plays with. Her most recent track, “Contemplate” , was written by her and composed by the band during a rehearsal one day. It even features a string interlude completely composed by her keyboard player and recorded by a talented quartet of instrumentalists. 

Zoe puts on a captivating performance at every concert she plays and is great at connecting with the audience through her raw and emotional lyrics and dreamy melodies. If you have the chance to see her and her band perform live, you most definitely do not want to pass it up! She is a unique addition to the Atlanta sound! 

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