“Yashira’s approach is utterly unpredictable — creating a swirling maelstrom of riffs that shifts and reforms under relentless drum blasts…” – REVOLVER “Massive and sincerely unrelenting…They have unleashed a constantly shifting, changing and challenging beast…”- CVLT NATION “Their music is challenging at its core…a mix of sludge, death metal, post-metal and prog-isms…” – METALSUCKS
“…an exploration of sonic catharsis, shedding the mundane to create something new, abrasive, and uniquely artistic. Theirs is a sound drizzled with gobs of unsettling ideas brought to fruition by four intelligent creators.” – ANTIHERO MAGAZINE
“The riveting mix of death metal and sludge (as the key musical ingredients) is truly impressive, making even the most contemplative moments in Shrine feel aggressive… Shrine really is a temple to the art of riffs, and each of these six songs offer up a worthy chapter in the how to make compelling metal.” – NEW NOISE MAGAZINE
“Each song is delicately crafted; The guitar work, vocal work and rhythm section all work and transition as seamlessly as flowing water, or as matter getting sucked into a black hole…” – SCARRED SIGHT

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