After years of touring and several EPs, VERIDIA’s debut full-length studio album is out now!
“This record is me vs. myself. It starts from a selfish, wounded, ‘dark’ perspective and gradually shifts as I tell stories of people that come in and out of my life, who teach me about the fragility of life itself and the truth about love – that it exists only out of a selfless, sympathetic heart and not without pain or hardship. The title was inspired by the Cherokee proverb, Two Wolves. There’s a battle between two wolves raging inside all of us, and the one you feed is the one that wins. Essentially, ‘The Beast You Feed’ is the one that will survive. We’ve all been through a lot the last couple of years, as a band and as individuals, and this album became a narrative of some very personal stories. Those stories reveal that the good and the bad co-exist, in me and around me. In each moment, I have to choose what to dwell on, how to react, and how I let it shape who I become. I can’t change the past and I can’t see what is in my future, but I can choose how I respond in this moment.” // Deena

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