Tommy Genesis


“There are no rules to art,” says Tommy Genesis. “There are no rules to creation, and there are so many exemptions. I’m so confident about this project that it could literally drop at any time.” While this assertion describes her own art, and flexes to the strength of her upcoming album, Goldilocks X, it’s also an apt assessment of Tommy’s overall identity. She is the exemption to the rule. She is the epitome of standing out by not fitting in. A DIY Superwoman delivered from the millennial heavens and justly labeled Genesis. Her inaugural offering, World Vision, arrived to mostly cult (and some critical) acclaim, showcasing Tommy’s raw, trance-like poetic prowess. She followed up with her self-titled debut, Tommy Genesis, led by Charlie Heat productions “Tommy” and “100 Bad”. Listeners were provided with a deeper dive into the duality of Tommy, and the inner workings of her identity, specifically through Genesis’ lucid visuals and visceral lyricism. Where her debut was able to succeed, Goldilocks X continues to excel. Tommy’s follow up boasts an immense amount of control in terms of its pacing, and her writing has strengthened ten-fold. She calls her latest work “a creative sweet spot,” a labeling that rings true when considering her mix of the sickly sweet “Peppermint”, the self-empowering single “A Woman is a God”, and an indictment of a record titled “Men”. With her experimental follow up, Goldilocks X, dropping Friday, Sep 10, 2020, Tommy Genesis is in control now more than ever.

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