The world knows TOMM¥ €A$H for his bold visuals and sounds. Not only a rapper, he is an accomplished visual artist, bringing together Post-Soviet aesthetics and global trends through mix of raw tenderness and twisted humour. His videos have continuously seen international success, with a live rendition of “Winaloto” boosting 12 millions views in YouTube. Tommy has 700,000 Instagram followers and most his elaborate, surreal creations posted there gather well over 100,000 likes, with zero “followings” — in a true rapper form.

After blowing up the Estonian entertainment scene, Tommy’s success has quickly transcended the home country. In 2019, he presented the album “¥€$” in about 50 cities all over Europe and toured USA for the first time, as a special guest at Oliver Tree’s concerts in over 20 cities in US and Canada. By now, TOMM¥ €A$H is a pop artist in demand, performing at the biggest festivals, such as Glastonbury, Sziget and Roskilde, for audiences in tens of thousands. TOMM¥ €A$H is quickly becoming a household name in Russia and Ex-Soviet bloc countries, and hitting the US by his own for the first time in spring. All the while, he has always been and still is an independent artist with full creative control, no labels attached.

Tommy has worked with a number of renowned musicians and visual artists all over the world, such us Charlie XCX, Joji, Boyz Noyze, A. G. Cook (PC Music), Little Big. He’s in an ongoing fruitful multi- platform collaboration with American fashion designer Rick Owens, who describes Tommy’s output as naturally and vivaciously light-hearted. The public could see the results of this collaboration in a joint exhibition at the Estonian National Art Museum (KUMU) in 2019. Tommy’s endeavours have enjoyed regular reporting in major publications of fashion, music and film. Dazed has praised his bold manner of bringing attention to today’s sensitive topics, as a hero of inclusiveness, sexual liberation and body-positivity. NME notes that Tommy’s easily memorable, eccentric rapping style is a perfect match to current web-immersed and frankly crazy times we’re living in. Vogue characterizes his sense of style as both rebellious and weirdly funny. VICE: “He portrays an extreme uniqueness through

his art as a multitalented, fearless and creative young Eastern European lad.”

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