The Colour Negative


Fashionable and authentic, The Colour Negative brings a refreshing energy to the Atlanta music scene. With introspective lyrics, driving melodies, soulful riffs and Taylor’s enthralling falsetto, these pop trendsetters will be quickly added to your favorite playlist. Consisting of front man, Ian Taylor (vocals, guitar, piano), London Taylor (bass, backing vocals), and Grant Godbee (guitar), this group continues to press forward in pursuit of their passion: music. Ian states the band’s drive: “In a world full of uncertainty and hopelessness, we want to show people a greater hope to believe in. This band is our attempt at bringing light into dark places.”


The Colour Negative’s latest EP, I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, shortened as I LOVE YOU, was released independently on July 19th, 2016. This EP is the band’s first new release since 2014’s self-titled full length, The Colour Negative. Influenced by the band’s travels of summer 2015, I LOVE YOU captures the journey of discovering one’s identity and purpose through eclectic 80’s synthesizers, driving guitars, and captivating lyrics. The band emerged in August of 2014 and played at numerous venues throughout the Southeast leading into their travels of summer 2015 to London, UK and New York City. As a result of their travels, the I LOVE YOU EP was born. The band continues their journey as they plan to tour the East Coast in summer of 2017. More details of upcoming releases will be announced in the coming weeks, as well as information regarding their summer tour.

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