Born on October 31, 1995 in Atlanta, GA, Mateo Arias is the
son of Colombian parents, and younger brother of actor
Moises Arias. Like his brother, he was brought up bilingual
and is fluent in Spanish and English – this international
background and skillset deeply influences his work and
perhaps helps explain his transcendent career around the
world. In addition to being in front of the camera, Mateo
began producing original content of his own at just 10
years old. Since then, ¿Téo? has accumulated millions of
streams across all platforms and has singlehandedly
developed a genre which draws elements of Bossa-Nova,
Hip-Hop, Classical, and Alternative. A genre which he
refers to as “Neo American”. His work has caught the
attention of every major label in the music industry and
has sparked inspiration amongst artist and fans alike – not
only making a lasting impact on today’s music consumers,
but also planting his flag as a pioneer in a world driven by
content. Mateo’s “below the radar approach”, and
elements of mystique that surround him have created a
movement that follows him. His most notable musical
works include Uno Dos (feat. Jaden Smith), Palm Trees,
Hágale, Out of Hand, Mari-Knee-Jah, and his most recent
single, Américano.

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