Summer Hoop


Straddling the most experimental and mainstream sides of pop and edgy vintage punk with ease, Summer Hoop brings an exuberant, richly emotive approach to songwriting with her hard-won lyrical maturity and fittingly catchy hooks.

A combination of her distinct voice, charismatic stage presence, and boldly candid artistic energy helped Summer rise to prominence as a guiding light to the rock scene in various bands throughout Tampa Bay. However, it did not take long for this immensely popular frontwoman to break out on her own to develop an EP of richly candid anthems of dark moods behind a shiny surface. Laced with offbeat lyrics and controversial subjects, each song is reflection of past pain, conflict and wit-driven malevolence.

Among her lineup lurk songs reconciling past chaos leaving the pieces where they fall (“Beyond Repair”), confessing lapses of vulnerability when loving another and losing one’s self (“Weak”), navigating a lovers immutable nature (“Be Like That”), indulging in an exhausting cycle of a masochistic romance (“Our Own Sins”), brooding over one’s own existence (“The End”) and lightheartedly mourning heartbroken attempts at love (“Dagger”).

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