Rotten Stitches


“Mohawks and studded jackets and someone screaming “F The System”… Those are the first thoughts when I am asked about Rotten Stitches… Reminding me of early Toxic Narcotic, The Krays, and mix in some Distraught, these guys are a power house of street punk fury! There are no slow love songs here… All you’ll find is aggression and talent. Even though the music is so angry, you should talk to the band after their set, because they are truly nice guys and definitely one of our favorite Atlanta punk bands!”
–Review from Tandi Murphy-Hall of Triangle Fire and hostess of annual Up Your Athens Fest

“Rotten Stiches is a punk band from Atlanta Georgia. When Rebellion Pitt went down to see their show we picked up a copy of Crisis Control. This album is loud and fast and gets your adrenalin pumping. With intense lyrics to match the insane vocals and fast music it is the best soundtrack to an angry life. Picture a bunch of punks in a car getting chased by 20 cop cars, 5 news vans and 2 helicopters trying to escape by throwing Molotov cocktails out the car windows . . . and just when they think there is no hope for an escape they decide to drive off a cliff into the sea where they are able to swim back to a comfortable squat where they celebrate their victory with cheap beers, whiskey and this this CD blasting from a speaker they found in the dumpster, using the electricity they siphon from the neighbors. This talented band has produced a CD that has you on the edge of your seat. Rotten Stitches bring their songs to life in their live show — we highly recommend you check them out.”
–Rebellion Pitt (Boston,Mass) review

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