They may be young, but creating music is what this band does best.  Currently, this bunch of humble guys are ramping up to the release of their new project “honeybee” – their second and latest release as Romancer.  “Honeybee is our most lyrically honest, and experimental release to date.  I am so proud of us this time around, and I can say with confidence that we’ve all reached into the depths of our musicality and creativity to bring out the best in each other and this record,” says Romancer lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Horrocks.  Romancer released their debut LP “As We Both Close in on the Water” back in June 2016.  Within days they spiked the attention of LA based Punk label Wiretap Records, who has since been keeping watch.  Really focusing on fine-tuning this record, and making sure every layer and musical element was knit-picked perfectly, the band had one goal.  Give the listeners not only a well-written album, but also a live show toeing the line between soft intimacy and explosive aggressiveness.

Growing up in Kitchener-Waterloo, the band spent their teen years going to local gigs and playing in different bands around the tri-cities area.  It was this undying love for music and the local punk scene that drove these four individuals to join forces and create something they can be proud of.  Having the same interest in more established artists like Moneen, Brand New and Jimmy Eat World, it only solidified that the current members would make some great tunes together.

“This record was the birth of us finally experimenting and discovering the joys of experimenting” Adam Horrocks (guitar/vocals) said during a radio interview with Eleanor Grace on In Frequency.   Riley O’Donnell (guitar/vocals), in the same interview said, “A good record we could compare this to is “Your Favorite Weapon” by Brand New.  There are so many little nuances in that album, and so many different things they didn’t mean to do that just kind of came out, and that’s what we tried to aim for with this record; we tried a bunch of things, and some things would happen by mistake and we would just keep them in there.”

Prior to changing their name to Romancer in early 2016, the band released a five track EP titled “Columbia Lake” as Lancaster.  It was during this time that the band saw a member change, their writing and experimental abilities were starting to grow and they found themselves playing shows with much more credible bands.  Sharing the stage with bands like Hawthorne Heights, July Talk, A Rocket to the Moon, Ten Second Epic, Courage my love, Brighter Brightest and Street Pharmacy, attracting new fans just came easy for the band.

“As We Both Close in on the Water,” released on June 10, 2016 was definitely not shy of receiving nothing but positive feedback from fans and industry personnel.

  • “This is some of the best talent I’ve seen come out of the scene since the Moneen days.” – Dan Hand, Blacklamb Management, former Underground Operations

  • “I’ve listened to this record quite a few times, and I must say it’s really, really good.” – Steve Kane, President, Warner Music Canada

Since the release of Romancer’s debut LP, they have been playing any show they can get their hands on.  Now focusing on heavily touring, Romancer hopes to wow their fans across Ontario, bringing them this intimate yet aggressive performance.

2017 is set for the production of a new EP, music video and a tour in eastern Canada.

Romancer is: Nathan Cumber, Ben Abu Halaga-dilgert, Adam Horrocks and Riley O’Donnell

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