Somewhere in a Great Country” as the classic rock in Spanish song recites, Rezur was born in 2013. Atlanta, GA the place where these great musicians’ paths crossed:

Yojhan Rezur, a Venezuelan singer and songwriter.

Andres Sosa, a Venezuelan guitarist, arranger and producer.

Emmanuel Ortiz, a Mexican drummer.

United by the vision of preserving and treasuring those latin american rock hits, etched in many people’s consciousness and linked to great memories; influenced not only by bands from sister latin american nations like Soda Stereo (Argentina), Enanitos Verdes (Argentina), ManĂ¡ (Mexico), La Ley (Chile), Cafe Tacvba (Mexico), but also by bands with more global sounds like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rammstein, Nirvana, U2, among others.

It’s in the mixture of all these influences, the different cultures from their countries of origin, and their stage presence adorned with theatrical and dramatic elements what makes Rezur a unique band, with succesful performances around many cities in the US.

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