Point Blank Society


Point Blank Society is the musical persona of Cullen King – based in Austin, Texas.
Cullen’s early background in performance includes work with Houston Grand Opera and
Broadway Across America. His on-stage experience in the classical/theatrical realm fused with
his passion for alternative music at a young age, and inspired Cullen to begin writing and
releasing his own music. This resulted in the conception of Point Blank Society while he was
still in high school. To this day, when listening to Point Blank Society’s music, you can hear the

combination of his classical roots and alternative influences.

Since the conception of Point Blank Society, they have reached milestones such as multiple
appearances on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, performances alongside globally recognized acts, and
extensive touring all while remaining independent from a record label. But what he is most
proud of is the body of work he’s created with his producer Nick Scott.

Point Blank Society’s most recent releases include Can You Hear Me (EP) and Matching
Tattoos. He is currently working on his sophomore album, which will be released in 2023.

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