Oh, Weatherly


We’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives. Revolving our lives, our universe, our everything around one singular thing. And in most cases, that one thing is a relationship. The idea that “I can’t live without them” dominates your every thought and you do everything in your power to hold on. It’s unhealthy. It can lead to dark moments and convince us that we just aren’t enough. It can make us believe that we’re not worth it.
That’s exactly where Oh, Weatherly vocalist, Blake Roses, found himself not too long ago. An on-again/off-again relationship, that ultimately crumbled, consumed Roses, deeply influencing his lyrics on the band’s new album, Lips Like Oxygen. Writing and recording Lips Like Oxygen provided the cathartic release and inspiration to move forward toward a path of creativity, positivity, and self-love. Never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, Roses turned to his best friends, guitarists Angel Bedoy and Reece Alan, drummer Colton Lakey, and bassist Beau Harris, to create an introspective, honest, and endearing album that is endlessly relatable and earnest.
The journey toward Lips Like Oxygen started in 2016, when Oh, Weatherly released their debut EP Long Nights and Heavy Hearts. After a whirlwind 2017, where Oh, Weatherly signed to Hopeless Records, released the acclaimed EP, Make You Bright, and toured the US extensively, the band traveled to Los Angeles to record their debut full-length with producers Jon Ludin, Brady Szuhaj, and co-producer Jake Bundrick (of Mayday Parade).
Channeling the pristine crispness of bands like Boys Like Girls and the emotional upheaval and cathartic resolve of bands like The Dangerous Summer and Pierce the Veil, Oh, Weatherly takes a varied and diverse approach to their style of pop rock. Never one to stay in one lane musically, tracks like the sun-kissed “Chasing California” explores the emotional tug-of-war between the highs and lows of a failing relationship with the catchy hooks of a summer pop song, while the scorching “Burned Out” shows a more aggressive side of the band, and the emotional ballad “Where Have You Been” (which features Roses’ mother singing backup vocals on the second verse) tugs on the heartstrings of anyone that has felt the loss of a parent or loved one.
At the end of the day, Roses hopes Lips Like Oxygen can empower those who feel trapped and alone, “The album is a tribute to the lessons I have learned and to the people who mean/meant the most to me. I want to spread the message that you don’t have to rely on anybody else to determine your self worth and the most important thing is to focus on personal positivity and on loving yourself.” With fresh perspective and drive, and armed with ten deliciously infectious bops, Oh, Weatherly is ready to do just that.

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