NOAHFINNCE is the alias of Noah Adams, a virtuoso performer (he plays drums, guitar, bass, ukulele and sings).  Noah has always wanted community. It started as a kid, when he found understanding in the music of My  Chemical Romance, Green Day and Fall Out Boy before taking his obsession online. From there, he started  posting covers on YouTube where he now has 895k+ subscribers, and regularly queued for hours at local shows  to get to the barrier, but also hang out with like-minded fans. He also used the platform to talk about his  alienating experiences with coming out as trans and, after a lot of encouragement from his growing fanbase,  started releasing his own music. Noah brings a refreshing new energy to the world of alternative rock and pop  punk with his punchy anthems as well as establishing himself as a prominent figure within the online LGBTQ+ community.

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