Every four years, the scene resets. With every college graduation and hesitant grasp of adulthood, there are bands being formed in the fire of heated Twitterdiscourse and surprisingly, actual recorded music. Niiice. is one of those groups: formed in Minnesota, reinforced on the road, sustained online. In the aftermath of2019’s breakout EPNever Better, the trio (guitarist/vocalist Roddie Gadeberg, bassist Abe Anderson, and drummer Sage Livergood) fostered a fierce commitment to their bits. The gang could be found poking fun at Ben Shapiro, lording over virtual gigs hosted on doomed Minecraft servers, and serving up a sudsy, self-conscious blend of post-hardcore and pop punk. Somehow, they had time to write and record a sophomore LP. Internet Friendsuploads niiice.’s neuroses to the cloud before blowing the whole thing up. For once, the niiice. defenders have not just logged on. They’re wired in.

Photo by Bethunni Schreiner

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