Netherfriends is Shawn Rosenblatt. He is always on tour and releases music like it’s the end of the world. In 2010, Netherfriends finished a year long project of writing and recording a song and performing a show in all 50 states and continued on touring the world without a steady home for 6 years, he would live in Chicago every summer and collaborate with and produce for many rappers in the city. In 2016, he set up a home base in Austin, Texas and released one new album every month online that year. In 2017, he released 2 new albums every month. This year (2018) Netherfriends is releasing 3 new albums every month on the internet. When he performs live he doesn’t use backing tracks or a laptop, but instead uses 2 loop pedals, guitar, and various instruments. Netherfriends music is hard to describe, he makes music in various genres. Next year he plans on releasing a new album every week. Thanks for listening.

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