Morlocks operate around the borderlines between the collective subconscious, paradoxal multiverses and the bad conscience of the world (as we know it). They travel either like sinister prowlers through the shadows, or like a raging bulldozer, sneaking and bolting through and between the Cold War, radioactive wastelands, the catacombs of Rome and unspeakable dimensions beyond the Unknown Kadath. 

Golden apples serve as food for the journey and the road is lined by an epic creative chaos and a malicious love for bastard hybrids of industrial rock, retrofuturism, machines, symphonies and heresies.

Their latest album “Praise the Iconoclast” was released by Metropolis Records in October 2023 to stunning reviews and the word on the street is that they will absolutely own what’s left of the future.

This is their first trip to America, a logical step before conquering space.

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