“If there’s a tradition here, it’s one Monsoon is making on its own, via multiple-tentacled excursions that touch on four-chord power-punk, Jazz Age vocal stylings and rhythms, dub reggae and 1990s alternative rock.” -Gordon Lamb (Flagpole Magazine)

“A fine-tuned piece of chaos.”
That’s how the soft-spoken, yet blood-speckled guitar-shredding, duct taped heel-wearing front-woman Sienna Chandler describes the undeniable power and eccentricity that is Monsoon.

Monsoon is a three-piece Indie-Punk band from Athens, Georgia, led by songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Sienna Chandler. They released their highly anticipated debut album “Ride A’Rolla” on January of 2015. This full length album features 12 tracks collectively serving as a whirlwind of gory glamour, with gutsy images of vampires, blood red moons, race cars, and an affinity for Japanese culture. Most recentley their song Ride A’Rolla was featured on a Toyota Corolla commercial that aired during the Superbowl

The trio continued to play together after initially joining forces for an Elliot Smith Tribute in 2013, eventually deciding to make it official and form Monsoon. Since the decision to do so, Monsoon has been working and improving upon their craft nonstop, creating and perfecting their unique material and entertaining audiences across the board with their whimsical, passionate performances, hosting Roller Derby fundraisers, and gaining notable recognition around the Classic City, including a cover feature and nomination for Artist of the Year by Flagpole Magazine.

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