“LUST…Two ladies in search of one big shtick. Atlanta’s Lust brings its, uh, “adult-themed” rawk to the dirty South. Singer and guitarist Susanne Gibboney, bassist Barb G., and drummer Amos Insane mix Cabaret-style theatrics with pop-punk tunes about amorous feelings for blow-up dolls, outer space, and the limbo. “We try to be the most to everyone,” Gibboney says. “We usually end up not pleasing anyone, but we try to mix comedy, choreography, set design, costumes, and music with varying success.” Imagine two girls playing trashy rock in stilettos with Gypsy Rose Lee and David Lee Roth as the stage moms and you’ve got Lust. While the feat of playing in heels is an art captured by few and mastered by Prince, Gibboney says her most ridiculous shoe experience was “playing in eight-inch platform, furry boots for our Viking Metal show.” Lust has also been known to hold French bikini and French kissing contests in the same show. But seriously, folks, catch Lust.”– Terra Sullivan

“As theatrical as punk rockers can possibly be, the zesty girls who play guitar and bass for Lust are also songwriting sorceresses, shapely sirens who craft their powerhouse pop/rock confectionery with the same humor and sass they bring to choosing their outrageous outfits. Backed by an immensely powerful male drummer, Lust is a trio who tease both the eyes and the ears of all who behold them.” Review by the Claw

“A man surrounded by blondes, on stage, holding his stick. You tell me. Lust holds their own, and a couple others, on stage while always impressing with sight and sound just decibels below ear shatter. Check Lust out now!”

“LUST – Girl Beach- FLIPSIDE REVIEW… One of my favorite girl bands is out with a new CD, and it is totally killer. Lust from Atlanta, GA, makes a statement on Girl Beach and that statement is fun, fun and more fun. Lust is a very cool band with a sexy vibe. The sound is something along the lines of The Go-Go’s meets The Beach Boys, but definitely in a category of its own.(John Binder)”

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