La Armada


It’s incredible that La Armada is still around at all. Formed in the Dominican Republic, during two separate pseudo-democratic dictatorial governments, the idea of the band started with the need to denounce both government and catholic dogma that is the daily bread of Dominican society. Since their beginnings in the year 2000, La Armada has been taking things into their own hands with a no-nonsense approach to their craft. Their music showcases an unheard of mix of punk, hardcore, metal and native Caribbean rhythms that the band affectionately calls “Latino Hardcore Fury”.

Now in Chicago since 2007, La Armada has become a popular name in the city’s legendary Punk-Hardcore scene, packing basements and venues with people anxious to see their explosive live show. They have shared the stage, toured with and gained the respect of bands they grew up dreaming to one day see. Bands like Propagandhi, Tragedy, Strung Out, Pig Destroyer, Belvedere, Death By Stereo, Sick of it All and A Wilhelm Scream just to name a few.

La Armada is currently writing their next album (To be released on Bird Attack Records) and planning a tour of Europe around their performance in Slovenia’s Punk Rock Holiday.

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