Kilroy Kobra


Life is an amazing art project; and just like artists themselves will tell you, “its never done”.

Kilroy Kobra is a genre-bent psych art rock band from Atlanta started by producer and multi-instrumentalist Tomas “Tommy” Uribe. Tommy wrote/recorded KK’s debut album “Man of the World” but thought it was missing a “band” feeling.

So he set out to find a band for it and once he did, the whole band got to know each other while recording the final version of “Man of the World”. Once the album was released, the band was ready to bring the music to life. With a few months of scattered performances all over the Southeast Region of the US, the band had built up a chemistry that was beyond the expectations of all within the band.

During that time, they videotaped and released a movie sync’d up entirely to their debut album also by the same name. “Man of the World – A Visual Album” was written and directed by Zak Washburn, starring Conor Brophy, Kilroy Kobra’s own Carly Jones, Tomas Uribe, Michael J Barnard and Ed Gloria.

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