Kelechi is an immigrants’ son. Born to a pair of Nigerian parents who migrated to Atlanta seeking better education and opportunities, Kelechi is a manifestation¬†of the modern American Dream. The 24-year-old rapper, singer and producer blends the percussion and melodies of his parents’ homeland with the hard-hitting drums and harmonies of Atlanta’s fundamental rap sound.

Kelechi discovered his ability for words through various poetry projects throughout school and expounded upon the hobby at the age of 14, after building a home studio in his parents’ basement using months of saved up lunch money. Inspired by the words of Common, the melodies of Nelly, and the charisma of Kanye, Kelechi pumped out projects under his early stage name, “SUBMiT”.

In late 2014, following a creative and personal shift, Kelechi changed his rap name from SUBMiT to his given name. Contrary to the average Nigerian-American career path, Kelechi dropped out of college to pursue music full-time, attempting to have his real life reflect the dedication of his lyrics. Kelechi’s unique perspective allows him to tackle social topics without coming across preachy, all the while maintaining the catchiness of your favorite southern “spitter.”

His first single released without a stage name, “WANT,” gained the attention of Mountain Dew’s music imprint, Green Label Sound. After a sponsored trip to SXSW and the notable release of his debut project ‘The Loose Change(s) EP,’ Kelechi is poised to make waves with his debut full-length album, ‘Before The Quarter’.

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