Johnmark Hendrix


I’m Johnmark Hendrix. At age 11, I was the normal kid who listened to what came on the radio, but never fully understood what it meant for music to be heard.

I realized what I was meant to do in life when I picked up drum sticks in church at age 12, and started fiddling around with it. Within months, I was the drummer of my church playing bluegrass music (best kind of music to begin with, reason why I love folk rock) but I shifted to guitar shortly after.

I played a few times in front of people, and I recorded my first song “Walk”, which got a pretty good response.

I circled in with a few bands. But I’m doing my own acoustic get-up, and could be joining another band in the future.

My name is Johnmark Hendrix, and I want to change the world one chord at a time.

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