Jay Vee


jay vee’s origin story comes divided in thirds. There’s the first part, an early love for hardcore hip-hop and skateboarding, that joined up with a second act fueled by the energy of punk rock. The final piece strikes a delicate balance between catharsis and composure—even if the narratives enveloping the New York  artist’s arrangements are often unsteady. It’s in the name of jay vee’s latest EP, hiraeth, which is an unstable word to define an uncertain feeling. Hiraeth is homesickness, the tug of nostalgia, a longing for something missing. For jay vee, hiraeth helps him claim a solid foundation at the center of constant change.


While not his debut—his recordings reach back to late high school—hiraeth is a tightening and a reinvention. Songs drift between a collage of ambient guitar interludes and clipped electronic backdrops at a dreamlike pace while Jay  navigates through missed calls and lost sleep. The height of this anxiety occurs on “Overthink” (featuring Free Throw’s Cory Castro) and “Homebound” (with familypet). Both feature guitar which snake and curve around nervous dual-vocal delivery, teasing a darkness that never gets resolved. It’s here where hiraeth’s main address comes into focus: after the drunken haze clears and other people back away, the only home you can sometimes return to is within. And on hiraeth, jay vee’s home base is as refined and focused as ever, and he’s taking visitors.


Hey there! This is good for Hiraeth but we also need a bio that is geared towards him as a producer. This does not help me in sending info to pubishing companies about Jay Vee. They dont care about this release, so we need something that envelopes his work to date as a producer and what he is known for Can we do another call about this too?


jay vee’s production style can be best described as active listening. When gearing up to work with a new artist, this New Yorker first consumes all he can find—their sounds, stylistic choices, and emotions—to discover what he can bring to the table. Sometimes, he’ll announce his presence to set a mood. On “speak with our hearts,” a track he produced for supachefm, jay’s spidery guitar lines get namechecked while they weave a delicate web of longing punctuated by drum machine kicks and clicks. Other times, his production choices ride shotgun to an artist’s firepower, like on “skin deep,” a cut by longtime collaborator shinigami. jay’s signature guitar work looms throughout, setting darkness in motion, but it’s shinigami’s tight whisper that carries the weight of isolation and desperation. It’s in these subtle movements in front of and behind the curtain that shows off jay’s artist-first philosophy: his mark is made, but only if the artist he’s producing best shines through as a result.

Yes, of course! I’ll schedule with Jay now. Thanks!

hey! this is a lot shorter, but i used tracks jay recommended to me to build it. let me know if you need anything else added, subtracted, etc.! thanks!

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