Isabel LaRosa


Born in Annapolis, MD, LaRosa has music running through her DNA. Her father, a jazz musician, regularly took her to the jazz clubs where he played the saxophone, her brother played guitar and she sang alongside them. Inspired largely by her family, LaRosa began songwriting with her brother while in elementary school, and they soon formed a creative duo. Presently, LaRosa still writes and produces music with her brother as she works to finish high school online.

HEARTBEAT” follows the release of LaRosa’s aforementioned debut EP / three singles, “HAUNTED,” “HELP,” and “HEAVEN.” Early Rising called “HELP” “transcendent, dark, and innately explorative,” while Alfitude claimed that LaRosa creates, “a bold, haunting and intensely gripping approach to dark pop that sounds like nothing else you may have come across.” About the EP, Clash Magazine raved, “Pop hewn from a darker hue, her music deals with paranoid mind-states and heartbreak, all while daring to look towards the light. A narrative-driven lyricist, her new EP ‘i’m watching you’ features three songs that build together to display a stark message.” In addition to writing all three singles, LaRosa wrote the treatments for and co-directed each video, which fit together into a short film. LaRosa’s visuals are often influenced by thriller, horror, and sci-fi movies and television shows, and provide the backdrop to her hand-crafted sonic universe.

LaRosa also co-wrote three of labelmate Ari Abdul’s songs to date. Stay tuned for more music from Isabel LaRosa.

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