Invent Animate


Amid a generation gripped by loneliness, fear, and a desperate concern for the state of the world, Invent  Animate are grabbing fans by the hand and choosing to walk with them. 

There’s a sense of duty among the band – comprising vocalist Marcus Vik, bassist Caleb Sherradan,  writing member Trey Celaya, drummer Brody Taylor Smith and guitarist Keaton Goldwire – to bare their  own pain and tragedy for their listeners, indeed creating a safe, familiar place for listeners to process their  own. It’s this deeply empathic and concerned approach to their output that sets Invent Animate apart, and  has seen the band develop a close knit, cult-like following over their 10 years together. 

“I think what’s really important to our generation of music consumers is finding something beautiful out  of all the chaos,” shares bassist Caleb. “It’s important to us – we’ve got a lot on our plate, life is weird,  life is hard – but we’ve come to understand how important it is as artists to be there with our listener, to  be vulnerable ourselves so they might be able to say, ‘thank you, you guys helped me articulate this’ or,  ‘you guys helped me walk through this journey’ because of what we’ve created.” 

Stationed across Texas, Colorado and Sweden (following Vik’s recruitment in 2019), Invent Animate are  now in prime position to break new ground on their new label address. Now rubbing shoulders alongside  a plethora of previous touring partners including Silent Planet and ERRA, and Spotify “sounds like”  mates such as Like Moths To Flames, Void Of Vision and Thornhill, the four-piece perfectly complement  the UNFD roster with their blend of ambient metalcore, djent and prog.

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